Tower Of God

Tower Of God “What do you desire? Fortune? Power? Glory? or something that surpasses all others? What ever you desire, that is here. Tower Of God” Just the blurb enough will entice or make you inquisitive as to what you may find at the top of the tower. Just after the first season this instantly became my top must read! with a very intricate story line and brilliant art style you would be mad not to try this out. Here’s an image of the type of art style from one of the pages. (Don’t Worry, no spoiler)


The main protagonist is (Twenty-Fifth night) or Baam (‘ Bahm; “Night”) Baam has two meanings in Korean: one is ‘Night’ the other is ‘Chestnut.’ who is in search for his friend Rachel who also entered the tower before Baam.

The writer goes by the pen name of SIU (Slave. In. Utero) and is published on Naver, a Korean website. The writer likes to troll readers by introducing plenty of gender ambiguous characters and likes to name characters after aquatic life.


Tower Of God was the first coloured ‘manga’ (I thought at the time) I had read and only discovered after a while that it was actually a Korean manhwa lol. Since I have read this I have enjoyed other coloured stories such as ‘Soul cartel or Ability’ I find that having colour is a nice change from reading black n white all the time still I do love manga just as much. Currently Tower Of God has just finished series 2, at 190 chapters there is plenty for you to read.


If you have read Tower Of God or read it after this, let me know your thoughts. 🙂


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