Soul Cartel

Would you make a contract with the devil?


1In this chilling fantasy adventure a boy makes a contract with the arch-devil Mephistopheles, He is told to be the referee in the rematch between Faust and Mephistopheles. However this rematch is being held in the underworld full of angels and demons, with countless demons after the priceless body of a young human.

I particularly like the fight scenes in this manhwa they just look so BEAST! 😛


This read has a mix between comedy and serious throughout, it’s really hard to tell whats going to happen next. One minute everything is hunky dory then your in a huge maze under attack by demons (did you see that one coming?)

Mephisto Mephistopheles is the bad tempered, impatient and childish arch devil. He hates to lose (but who doesn’t :P) and is not afraid of  taunting or threatening people to get exactly what he wants, he also hates fighting weak opponents but compared to his powers almost everyone is weak lol well apart from his younger brothers 😉 the fights between these devils is enough reason to read this. watching two arch devils fight and annihilate their surroundings :O

some other information in case you were wondering:

Artist: KIM Yeong-ji

Author: KIM Eun-hyo

2012- current

You can read it here:


Insert dramatic ending image



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