The Gamer

What if you had the abilities of a game character?

c020“What would happen if your world suddenly turned into a game? If you could level up and raise your stats? An adventure of a life-turned-game”

In this comedy, action, shounen, supernatural we follow  Han Jee-Han a normal school student who plays lots of video games (Sounds like me :P) until he suddenly gains the ability of a game character in which he can level up all different kinds of stats and skills. He has a very easygoing personality and vows to grow stronger with his friends as with his new found ability he has discovered a world unknown to him before, full of dangerous people that could easily kill him or use his ability to make money if he doesn’t become stronger.



This manhwa is still fairly new and the first chapter was only released last year (2013) currently on chapter 49. My friend suggested this to me and after the first few pages I knew I’d enjoy this one. It’s such a easy read that is funny and drags you into it. Especially me as i would love to have the gamer ability 🙂

However think not that Han Jee is the only one with an ability, there are others with abilities (Natural ability users) as they referred to. There are two types of ability users those who are natural ability users who gain an ability without any form of training, and their ability usually has something to do with what they have done lots of. Such as play lots of video games in Han Jee case. Acquired ability users are those who train for many years to obtain skills equal to those of natural ability users.

For those who enjoy an easy comedy ready that’s fun an interesting definitely try this!


hahahaha 😛 If you had an ability/skill or power, what would it be?

You can read it here:




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