Ao No Exorcist

Are you afraid of demons?

Do you believe demons lurk around us, are we just unable to sense them or seem them? In the Manga series Ao No Exorcist. (Blue Exorcist in English) Demons prowl in the shadows unseen by many humans, except for the few who can see them. Often referred to as exorcists these people spend their time hunting down demons that threaten the lives of those who can not defend themselves.


(True Cross Academy. Kazue Kato/SHUEISHA)

I enjoy this story as it does not follow a normal human protagonist it follows the son of satan himself, but Rin does not desire to harm people he wants to fight the demons and join the True Cross Academy school to become an exorcist. Although being the son of satan does not make this an easy task. His dream is to become a paladin like his step dad was.


(True Cross Exorcist Ranks. Kazue Kato/SHUEISHA)


If you could see demons, how would you react? Would you join the fight to defeat them?


Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


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