That was a close one

That’s Absurd Challenge 

Alec always wanted to be different, stand out. but didn’t have any talents or skills so people never really took notice of him. He lives in a flat alone and has never had a lover.

“Another dreary morning” Alec thought to himself as rain pours onto his car as he heads into the car park for work.

“Damn! no free spots, I’ll have to park across the road.” 10 minutes later. Alec parked up and ran across the road into work trying not to get wet from the downpour but with not much success. He ran up the stairs into the office and sat down at his desk hoping he wasn’t late because he didn’t want to be yelled at by the boss again.

At lunch 12:00pm Alec stands up ready for lunch, he walks towards the coffee and tea room as he could really do with a coffee to make it through the rest of the day. He fails to notice the cables sprawled across the floor and trips hitting his head on the side of the desk. “ow ow ow” Alec said clenching his fist. Alec didn’t really feel much like having a coffee anymore after that embarrassing fall and goes back to sit down and rest his head.

The rest of the day goes by without a hitch, Until the end were Alec is told to stay behind and finish up before he can leave. it’s now 5:30pm nearly an hour after everyone has already gone. Alec finishes up and heads for the exit. He looks at the time which reads 5:37pm. “Better get back and make some dinner.” Alec thought.

As he heads outside in the rain he looks up and sees a beautiful woman running across the road. Alec made nothing of this and turned to wards the crossing. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”  a girl screamed. Alec turns back, and sees the girl on the floor as a car drives away, the beautiful girl was just run over! Alec runs over to her to help in anyway he can. “hey, wake up!, Help! Someone! Please…..” but it’s to late. She’s gone…

“Why, WHY!?… why” Alec says breaking down into tears. “Why did this have to happen? and why am I crying? I don’t know this girl.” Alec thought, but continuing to cry. “I…I… I wish this hadn’t happened, I wish I could of done something” FlASH! thunder cracks

Alec opens his eyes. “ow ow ow, why does my head hurt?”

“you just fell over and hit your head you idiot, ha ha ha.” one of his work colleges laughed.

Alec looked at his clock, it said 12:02pm! “what is going on?” Alec thought as he heads and sits down in his chair.  Still confused and after being forced to stay late still. Alec looked down at his clock and saw 5:36pm “wait! that girl!” Alec stands up, sprints towards the door. As he bursts into the rain downstairs he sees the girl crossing. “I wont make it!” as he sprints towards her.

Beep! Beep! A car speeds towards her, she freezes in fear. Alec leaps towards her pushing her and him out of the way, narrowly avoiding the speeding car. Alec looks up. “That was a close one.”



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