Girls of the wilds

Ever been in a love triangle?

 “The power of love is a curious thing;                                                Make a one man weep, make another man sing;                          Change a hawk to a little white dove.                                            More than a feeling, that’s the power of love.” – Lewis Huey – The Power of Love

Wilds high, Is a girls only private fighting school with 42 years of history only for the elite fighters. They hold a league twice a year pitting girls against girls.

However last year wilds high became a mixed gender school and our protagonist Song Jae Gu joins the school. Who has been granted a 3 year scholarship. Song Jae Gu spends most of his time looking after his younger siblings as they have no parents. Jae Gu has no fighting experience and after angering the bloody champion of the wild’s league on his first day, how will he survive?

Being the only boy in the school, some of the girls begin to fall for Jae Gu, but who does Jae Gu end up with? As the story continues some of these girls fall for other boys (outside school) who in turn fancy different girls.

Dal Dal

Dal Dal Taekwondo Expert

This manhwa is different from the stuff i normally enjoy but watching the story continue and seeing all these love triangles trying to work out who will end up with who is very interesting, the fact that they are in a fighting school and have fighting leagues is just an added bonus. 🙂

I would say that this story has more of love rectangles then triangles which is a bit more complicated, as more characters get added into the mix of love.

I didn’t want to give away names as not to spoil the story to much 😛



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