Kingdom Hearts Manga!

“A scattered dream like a far off memory.”

“A far off memory like a scattered dream.”

Yes! the famous Kingdom Hearts does have a manga. This version “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days manga” follows the story after Sora has released Kairi’s heart and his in the process. This created Soras nobody ‘Roxas’ who has no memories of his past. The manga follows Roxas and Organization XIII.

If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and wish to know more about the story read this, or play the 358/2 days game 🙂

  1. A little trivia you may already know 😛 all the organization names are made up of the letter from their original being, but have a ‘X’ added. Roxas = Sora + X
  2. The keyblade at the start of the series wasn’t meant for Sora, it was meant for Riku.
  3. Disney wanted Donal Duck to be the protagonist, but Tetsuya Nomura wanted a human protagonist.

Now we wait for Kingdom Heats III…

Thanks 🙂


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