Unreliable Pluto

The Unreliable Narrator Challenge

“Come on, Time for bed.”

“15 years ago..Cough! Cough! sorry about that, where was I? Oh yeah. 32 years ago me and Jim left Earth in search of… erm, what was it? oh well I doubt telling you would help my child. Anyway we decided to stop by Pluto.”

The shuttle touched down on the icy planes of Pluto’s crust.

“I told Jim to remember where we parked, I think. We searched around for a while trying to find… Cough! Cough!” Clears thought. “But we didn’t have much luck. So we set up camp underneath the majestic night sky of Pluto…”

“Yawn! I woke, and asked Tom… I mean Jim if we should try another planet, He agreed and we walked towards the ship. Except it wasn’t where I told Jim to remember it being. I yelled at him saying how useless and unreliable he is.”

He turned to me and said “You’re the one with a 10 second memory.”

“Or was it 1 minute memory? We left Pluto and even to this day we are still in search of the magnificent…” whisper, whisper.

“Grandad! That’s amazing! How did you remember that from so long ago!? I want to be like you when I grow up, travel the stars. I will find it for you!”

“Son, you must always remember the most important details.”


I found this challenge a little tough 😛 but I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks 🙂


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