Dear Manga

Genre Blender Challenge

Dear Manga

Thank you for being there whenever we need you, for comforting us in the darkest times of our lives. When we feel so alone that no one is there for us, you show us that there is hope.

You aren’t afraid to show us pain like when Ace died,  to show us happiness  like when Sabo was actually alive even though most of us suspected it.


Sabo 0.0


Ace ❤

You show us riveting and diverse stories that some people can’t even comprehend, take us to worlds people can only dream of. Some people mistake you for childs play but the people who truly know you, who truly understand and embrace you can’t stand one day without you. Without you we would be like a hollow from bleach, just an empty thing with a whole in our hearts. A heartless.

Yours faithfully


 tumblr_myumhgTTUI1rcufwuo1_500“From today on, we’re brothers!”


4 thoughts on “Dear Manga

  1. girlluvsgreennbluestars says:

    Four of my favourite anime series are Sket Dance, D Frag and Fate Stay Knight and Attack On Titan. There are dozens more great anime for me! I’m old, my son’s an otaku and he taught himself Japanese so he could read raw manga! Glad to be visiting your site!


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