Unnatural healing capabilities!


Han Yu-Hwa discovered at a young age he was different, that he could heal unnaturally quickly compared to everyone else. His friends pushed him away for being different and now he is a lone cafe shop owner.


But one day after being hit by a car and rushed to hospital, even though Yu-Hwa had healed by the time he got to the hospital. He starts to see monsters and discovers a whole new world were the strong prey on the weak and people are out to steal other people abilities, will Yu-Hwa survive?


When I first started reading this Manhwa I thought of Bleach in how the general public can’t see the monsters as they hide themselves behind human faces but certain people can. I did enjoy reading this and loved the art style as well, I say “did enjoy” because this manhwa is on temporary hiatus while the authors get their health in check and because I love this manhwa I don’t mind waiting for it to go into season 2. but you should check out the 60 chapters from season 1 🙂


Thanks 🙂


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