First Case

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My names Henry R. Rodgers, I’ve been working in the police force most of my life. Protecting the people is what I’ve always wanted to do.

Last month I got promoted to an undercover detective to help solve local murder cases or anything that goes on and needs my skills.

The past month was fairly quite until last week when a man and child were killed just outside their home. I was put on the case to put the clues together and find the murderer.

I’ve been at the scene of the crime for about an hour, taking notes, taking samples and checking the local area for any possible clues.  I was just packing up when I heard a phone ringing near where I was, I frantically tried to find the ringing phone, I found it in the bushes behind the wall. I answered.

“Meet me at the Phillies half an hour before closing” Beep.

I pondered on what they meant, whose phone is this? Who was that? It sounded a lot like a woman. Still thinking about the phone call I finished packing up and went back to the office to work on my notes to see if I could come up with any ideas.

A few hours later after work when I arrived home I had decided that maybe I should go down to Phillies, what’s the harm in trying to discover more? but what if it’s a trap? I need to be discrete.

I looked up at the clock and saw 2:15am. I aimed to be there at 2:20am just before half an hour to. I put on a blue suit, tie and hat.

5 minutes later I arrived at Phillies and walked in, I was the only person in there apart form the barman and I walked to the other side of the room. Opposite the door with my back to the window so I could wait and see who came through the door. I pulled my hat down slightly to cover my face and waited…

10 minutes later a girl walked in with a man dressed in with a similar attire to me, as she ordered a drink I recognized her voice from the phone! I calmly pondered on my next move.

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