Death Note

What would you do with a book that could end lives?

Light Yagami a born genius discovers a book fallen from the skies called”Death Note” Inside are rules saying if a persons name is written they will  die of a heart attack 60 seconds from now, unless the writer states the cause of death.

This psychological thriller follows Light Yagami as he tries to rid the world of criminals or people he deems dishonest and become the new worlds ruler, until the world famous detective L starts investigating the unexplainable deaths of criminals. Light believes L will be his biggest annoyance which starts a cat and mouse game between the two.

This is defiantly one of my faviourte reads as you see both sides of the story. From the detectives “L” who is trying to capture Kira but keeping his real name secret as Light is trying to discover his real name to kill him using the Death Note, and Light who sees himself as a righteous man removing all the criminals in the world. Even though it seems like Light is the bad guy here, through reading the story you can’t decide who’s right. Although L is one of my favourite characters 😉

For anyone that likes psychological thrillers or reads that make you deeply think about what will happen next this is a must read! 😀 if you haven’t already read it.

“I don’t sit like this because I want to. I have to sit like this. You see, if I were to sit normally, my deductive skills would immediately be reduced by roughly 40%.” – L

I always enjoy new reads and ideas so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Naruto is meant to finish next week, if it does it could be an emotional post :O

Thanks 🙂

 Forgot to add. Happy Halloween everybody! >:D


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