It was a fun ride Naruto, but it’s finally over. Congratulations Naruto & Masashi Kishimoto for 15 years.

I wont post any spoilers for any of you who have not read the last chapter, but I had suspected how Naruto would end for a while and I was pretty dead on the money. However I am not displeased with the ending it was just expected. I’m happy with the way it ended.

Although word on the street is that next spring we will be getting a new Naruto Mini Series which sounds interesting. Also there is a film coming out soon ‘The Last: Naruto the Movie‘ which is cannon and set 2 years after the end of to days chapter so I’m excited to watch that.


Naruto was the anime that re-sparked my childhood. I used to watch One Piece and Dragon Ballz when I was young but forgot about them until 2010  when I watched the first episode of Naruto on my phone at midnight, I spent the whole summer watching it and since then I’ve been back into watching anime. So in a way I am thankful for Naruto because if it had not gotten me into anime again I would not be going to Expos in London or even writing this.

If you don’t know what Naruto is, you should defiantly go check it out 🙂

I went to a fireworks display this evening and it was beautiful to watch and for a minute I thought it was like a finale/celebration for the 15 years anniversary. 🙂

20141106_200825 20141106_200855


Happy 15th Anniversary Naruto!  Farewell

Thanks for reading 🙂

“To become Hokage is my dream!” – Naruto Uzumaki



One thought on “Naruto

  1. dazzlika says:

    Aww, I wish I can come and watch the firework display. So that I can feel “completed” because I feel so empty and don’t know what to do with my life after Naruto ended ><


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