In a world where everyone is born under a god disguised as animals. These gods can grant one wish to the human they are born with but not all gods are the same. Some are weaker than others and can only grant small wishes such as the Cat god which is the god of our protagonist Leerang.

Leerang being born under the Cat god has never been able to attend school as you need to have a stronger god to even attend school, however after a mistaken wish his life is turned upside down.

Being a Manhwa it is full colour and has a similar art style to other Manhwas such as Tower Of God, as I’m currently on chapter  45/60 I am not fully up to date yet but so far I’d say the story has good potential and is quite gripping, It’s a fairly new and on going manhwa which started mid 2013 so the story is still on the get go, but still has plenty to enjoy from the start.  Looking forward to catching up and seeing what happens to Leerang.

Sorry for the short ones this week, I’ve had university hand ins, but thank you for reading .

Thanks again 🙂


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