Saving A Friend

Overheard Challenge

It’s been 2 years since we fought Necron in the Hill of Despair, Things have mostly been quite and I haven’t seen Zidane in a while. I hope he is well.

These days I travel around the world from town to town, still carrying my trusty Dragon’s Hair with me. I was on my way back to Alexandria when a carriage rolled past with two people on the front. As they looked like they were heading towards Alexandria I hopped in the back for a free ride.

A few hours later I awoke in the back. I could see out of a small rip of the back drapes that it was night time. There was a small orange glow so peaked outside and saw the two men around a campfire, I sat down near the exit of the carriage. Still out of site, looking up at the stars in the sky listening to their conversation…

“Hahahaha, yes I do like her. I was thinking of proposing when I get home after this job” one of the men said to the other.

“Aw, Yeah… this job should give us plenty of pay. Should we look at the bosses plans again?” the other responded.

“Okay, when we arrive at the performance tomorrow noon. Rally with the other groups and take position high above the stage. Near the back of the audience. About half way through Zidane has a death scene. Our plan is to make this scene a little more death like if you catch me.” the man explained.

“WHAT!?” I shouted, as I jumped out of the carriage Dragon’s Hair at the ready.

“Who are you!?” the men said as they drew swords.

“I am Freya Crescent, Dragon Knight and I demand you explain yourselves!”

After I got answers out of them, I started running towards Alexandria, I could make it in time! I reckon I had until 12:30pm before Zidanes scene.

As I came out the forest I could see Alexandria in the distance, I had about an hour left. Loads of time…

“Mwahahaha, where do you think you’re going Freya Crescent!” A female voice spoke from above.

As I looked up I barely had time to dodge her attack, as a mini creator appeared were I was standing. “She’s strong.” I whispered.

However I didn’t have time to dilly dally I was now going to be late. I paused for a moment. Placed Dragon’s Hair in the ground and focused my energy into my legs and my Spear. Entering Trance I grabbed my spear and jumped! focusing my energy now in my spear as I came down hitting the floor with tremendous force creating a gigantic creator. Which hopefully knocked my opponent away. This gave me enough time to get away and run towards Alexandria.

As i arrived I could see Zidane on the stage, it looked like he was about to be shot by one of the characters, was I to late! I looked up at the back and saw someone taking aim. I quickly focused energy in my spear and stepping forward making cracks from placing my feet threw Dragon’s Hair over the crowd, It looked like it made contact so I rushed over to the back as I got there my spear had pinned the sniper gun to the back wall. I tied up the bandits and  planned to hand them over, but first I wanted to watch the rest of the play.

I walked over to the middle of the balcony and looked over at the stage, Zidane was looking at me, He smiled. I smiled back.

The End.

Inspired by Final Fantasy IX

Thanks 🙂




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