Dragon Quest

Recently I  have been playing Dragon Quest IX on my 3DS, and It brings back memories of Dragon Quest VIII from  PS2.  The story does not follow from the previous game, however it is all in the same style that I love but most of the Dragon Quest games have this style which is why I wish I could play them all.

So far I’m enjoying the story line of the game. You play as a Celestrian, An invisible guardian who helps to protect a village from the shadows and keep them safe and happy. but after a mysterious event you loose your halo and wings and fall to the world of mortals, now tangible to everyone you must find out what happened and recover your Celestrain status and save the world.

I found out the other day that a new Dragon Quest title is going to be released in 2015! but western localization has not been confirmed yet. Fingers crossed. More information and trailer here:



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