Soul Eater

Demons! Witches! Living weapons! Soul Eater is an action packed shounen following Maka a scythe technician and her partner Soul Eater.

800 years ago a group called the 8 powerful warriors get the world safe with Shinigami in charge until one of the 8 betrayed everyone and became the first Kishin, he threatened the whole planet with his madness and it was Shinigami who defeated him and sealed him away. Shinigami then set up the DWMA an academy which Maka attends 800 years later dedicated to training  against the future threat of madness.

The whole story of Soul Eater contains a lot of action and comedy, It’s one of those stories that makes you want to know more about all the different characters in the story as well as containing twists and hidden enemies meaning you don’t know who you can trust. The story becomes even more dicey when a secret plot to unseal Asura is discovered. What will the DWMA do?

If you ever find yourself watching the Anime you will know just how annoying BlackStar is, me and my friend were watching the series at the same time and whenever we were in class he kept imitating BlackStar and I just want to punch him haha.


The Anime story and original Manga story are different. The Anime follows the Manga up to a certain point and then differs and finishes the story earlier than the Manga. In my opinion I preferred the original Manga series to the Anime however I still enjoyed watching it as all the fight scenes and general animations were top notch.

P.S I am currently working on writing a short fantasy inspired story series, which I would like to post up on here eventually. Writing a story is one of the small achievements on my to do list no matter how minimal or if people read it, although I did want it to be a manga style story. I can’t draw so that just means more effort on making the writing amazing.

Thanks 🙂


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