Can you work it out?

Count Down Challange

From the highest platform of the Tower where all dreams are realized, or so they say. To circling the oceans with fellow Pirates in search of one thing we meet Ninjas in the deep forests enjoying newly found peace, to the depths of the underworld were demons feast on Souls of those humans. We arrive in another world where Hunters n Hunters compete for glory, there’s a world of Immortals where someone is trying to reach the top of the world. Brutal fights are held here every year with only female attendees, until last year. Who will beat Queen? Hidden powers for so long, son of Satan and demon killer with Blue flames he rises. With his strong fists he will Break! with nine arts master, from weakling to inhuman strength. We finish with  a completed story of living weapons who had to collect 99 +1 to grow, Don’t let the madness take over you…

Can you work out my top 10 Manga in order? 😀

Thanks 🙂


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