Assassination Classroom

Assassinate your teacher before the end of the year or the Earth will be destroyed!

This manga is a recent one I’ve picked up and well I haven’t put it down since, It’s comedy gold just in facial expressions themselves. You find yourself following Class E the lowest of the low in the school with bad grades and are seen as scum of their school however they have a secret task of eliminating a monster ‘Korosensei’ an unknown entity that moves at mach 20 which is 15,224 Mph.

While reading this manga I often forget that Korosensei is supposed to be the bad guy, throughout the story you can’t really tell what’s going to happen next and always keeps you interested as each story section is not boring or long winded it’s small and gripping and concise. Each time the students try to assassinate there target they get better each time but being middle school students some of there assassination attempts are hilarious such as creating a gigantic pudding with a bomb at the bottom for sensei to eat.


I’m still not up to date on the story but am looking forward to reading the rest, I wonder if they will be able to kill sensei or will sensei turn good and decide not to destroy the planet.

Thanks 🙂


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