Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcoms latest instalment for the west. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or 4G in Japan


Hunting season has begun!

I’ve been playing the Monster Hunter series since ‘Monster Hunter Ps2’ and I can tell you that my first experience with this game series was not to great.

At the time I was just getting into Japanese games, anime and manga. I was in GAME and saw Monster Hunter on the pre owned section, picking it up on a whim I as I thought it looked like a boss game.

After starting the game watching the introduction and seeing some monsters I thought all the art looked brilliant. After creating my character I was in, however this game was not very beginner friendly and I found that I had no idea what to do or was given barley a hint as to what I should be doing. It took me 40 minutes to kill Velocidrome for the first time, this was after trying every single weapon and failing the quest over and over. I also didn’t know how to make money at the time either. Now it seems so obvious and I look back thinking what a noob.

I continued to play the game and learn how to use the weapons, Monster moves and Monster weaknesses. I also picked up the PSP games as well which is where I spent most of my Monster Hunter time on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Anyone know what the psp claw is? aha



Monster Hunter has never really had a massive story within the games, it’s always just been you create your character go out complete quests over and over with not much back story or flow to the game, however every fight is different and always feels like a challenge and the feeling when that monster finally goes down is amazing.

With 4U they’ve totally upped their game, 4 Ultimate now has a very compelling story and history to everything, it makes you feel that much more involved in what happening within the game itself. There is new weapons, mechanics, monsters and old monsters.

The main new mechanic is mounting, yes. Every previous monster hunter owners dream has come true you can now get on the monsters back and take it down. The new weapons work really well, I especially love the Charge Blade.


Monster Hunter has become one of my most cherished games and Ill buy every one that comes to the west,  even after all these years of playing I still find myself learning new things about the game. On a small note I’ve also met some great friends while playing this game and hunt with them often.All in short summery the latest Monster Hunter is one of the best ever!

If you have the game, Happy hunting!



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