Gravity Child

In a world governed by tyrannical kings and queens who forbid travelling between countries due to frictions between nations. London, currently under the rain of King Cid citizens must follow strict rules and on a person’s 17th birthday are obligation to complete an M.A.T test. They say if you pass you can join the royal army but if you fail you can never retry and must spend the rest of your days living under government laws never to leave the country.


In a small abandoned house on the edge of town we find Theta an orphan living on his own. With only a small mattress and sheet to his name. Theta awoke to a cold breeze across the face flowing from one of the main holes in the shacks walls. Rolling out of bed grabbing his coat, scarf and rucksack Theta leaves his home heading for the local water fountain slightly out of town.

As he arrived at the fountain, he stops and stares at it for a moment basking in the beauty as he does every time it comes into view. Three small spouts of water come flowing out of the rock side splashing from rock to rock as is flows towards the tinny pond below. Theta places his bag down next to the pond and reaches inside for a water bottle with which he collects water from the fountain every day, as well as taking this time to complete his morning martial arts practice.

After refilling the bottle Theta grabs his rucksack and starts walking back through the small forest to his home, proceeding towards the exit of the forest he heard voices coming from the house. He ran to the exit of the forest and hid behind some bushes to see what was going on, some royal soldiers were knocking on his door but why? It took a few moments for him to realize that today was his 17th birthday!


A sample from Chapter 1 of Gravity Child, a small story series I’m writing.